Gwadar Port becomes operational for container vessels

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GWADAR – The first ever Chinese container ship MS TIGER, loaded with food items, left for Dubai from Gwadar Port yesterday.

The Gwadar Port has been made operational for the container ships and a ship has been scheduled to leave for foreign country in a week.

A special function to see off the (things carried by a ship, etc.) container of a Chinese company COSCO MS TIGER for delivering the first shipment was organised at GwadarPort.

Dealing with the (formal, special event or series of actions), Federal Minister for Marine Affairs Chaudhry Jaffar Iqbal said that beginning of shipment activities of ships at Gwadar Port was a significant (sudden progress past an old problem) which would not turn the Gwadar Port a center of international business only, but would also open new trade horizons for the country.

“The vision our government had made having to do with Gwadar Port and China-Pakistan Money-based Hallway/travel path (CPEC) is being quickly did/done/completed,” the Federal Minister for Marine Affairs strongly defended/strongly expressed, adding construction works on Gwadar free-zone was at fast track.

Ch Jaffar maintained that importance of Gwadar Port had gone up with Gwadar International Terminal which was an important part of worldwide trade.

He added that an (able to last/helping the planet) progress would be seen in the energy part/area with CPEC and construction of a 300MW power house would face/deal with the energy shortage.

“It is a ground-breaking day because the Gwadar Port has become a reality,” said Chairman Gwadar Port Authority Dosten Khan Jamaldini while dealing with the key function.

He added that the beginning of shipping activities would make Gwadar Port an important hub of international trade projection.

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