Amir Khan to setup boxing academy in Gwadar

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LONDON/PALO ALTO: British Pakistani boxer Amir Khan has announced to set up a boxing academy in Gwadar to horn the boxing skills of Pakistani youth.

The ace boxer made the announcement during an address in Palo Alto, California at the American launch of China Pak Investments Corporation (CPIC)’s drive aimed at wooing American investors towards Gwadar.

Speaking at the launch event, the former World Champion said that he has decided to buy land in Gwadar where he intends to invest.

“Gwadar has become the next desirable investment destination. It’s a happening place and offers vast opportunities. I trust the team of CPIC looking after investment portfolios and investment projects. My intention is to set up Amir Khan Boxing Academy there,” said the boxer, adding that academy will provide people with the opportunity to train and promote fitness.

Amir Khan appealed to overseas investors to look at the prospects Gwadar is offering and invest there to help build a better and brighter Pakistan. “Gwadar is the future of emerging Pakistan,” he said.

The CPIC delegation – led by Zeeshan Shah, CEO of ONE Investments and Spokesperson for CPIC – has been touring the United States of America to highlight the opportunities Gwadar offers.

Amir Khan appealed to overseas investors to look at the prospects Gwadar is offering and invest there to help build a better and brighter Pakistan.
The American tour of the group comes after 100 iconic red London business were launched to promote Gwadar as the investment destination and to invite attention towards the future hub of economic activity in Pakistan.

Double deck London buses have been running across 17 routes in London, carrying beautiful banners showcasing Gwadar and projecting it as a city which has the potential to rival Dubai. The advertisement banners on buses read: “Gwadar: the Gateway to Emerging Pakistan”. These buses will continue to run till the end of March.

Both campaigns, in London and America, have been sponsored by the CPIC to promote Gwadar as the centre of a strategic gambit as well as Pakistan’s Dubai, being built and developed with help from China under the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) project.

Zeeshan Shah commented: “Every nation has its time and the time for Pakistan has come. In the next 10 years, Pakistan will be amongst the fastest growing economies in the world and CPIC will be at the heart of this Pakistani success story.

“Our mission is a simple one. In 2018, we aim to educate no less than 100 million people on the opportunities Pakistan presents. Our London bus campaign alone, which is running throughout the month of March, has an audience of 10 million of the world’s most affluent and influential people in Central London.

After a UK wide tour covering 11 cities in February, we have now come on an eight-city tour of the US to create awareness for Gwadar and promote inward investment into Pakistan. Overseas Pakistanis across the world need to come together now to help Pakistan capitalise on this opportunity and defining moment in our nation’s history.”

Zeeshan Shah added: “The response we have had from Pakistanis worldwide has been immense and not only Pakistanis but even non-Pakistani investors who understand the value opportunity Pakistan presents. InshAllah we will continue this tour and next, we will be taking it to Singapore, Malaysia and China. We will not stop until we have informed the whole world about Emerging Pakistan.”

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